Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Perfect Proofreaders is your back-up plan. We are your last line of defense.

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Why Choose Us?

Perfect Proofreaders is your back-up plan. We are your last line of defense. Send us your document and you can rest assured that it will be 100% error-free, guaranteed. Our service is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the quality of your writing on the market. We have a 24-hour service and a team of experienced editors ready to serve your needs. We have highly competitive pricing at “one penny a word.” A thousand words for ten bucks!

Perfect Proofreaders use a proprietary “8 Steps” proofreading system using the latest software technology. All of our editors go through a strict screening process and are experienced in their fields.
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We have specialties ranging from engineering through medical to science fiction. We are ESL specialists and understand the needs of students – especially from China. We have decades of experience dealing with students whose first language is Chinese. We can reword your sentences, preserve your meaning and match a native English speaker. With Perfect Proofreaders you will never have a language disadvantage again. Guaranteed.

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Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke is our secret weapon! As co-founder, Alan has gifted us his famous “8 Steps” proofreading system.

It has served his clients for over twenty years. It now embraces cutting edge technology, but he still gets to use his ruler! Each step is an essential part of the multi-layered process that each document passes through. Our system – works.

Step 1

The first step in our famous proofreading system is named after Alan. It is called the “Eagle Eye.” It is a full sweep of the document allowing your editor to “get to know” the words. It is an introductory scanning the entire text for obvious errors, duplication and omissions. Formatting issues may be addressed at this stage.

Step 2

The second step makes use of Alan’s infamous ruler. He has had it since 1997! The ruler allows your editor to isolate each line of text separately while working systematically through the entire document. Each and every line gets a forensic check from your proofreader.

Step 3

The third stage harks back to old-school proofreading methods. Your words are read forwards and backwards! Each individual word is highlighted independently looking for errors. For this stage, your proofreader will often read aloud, sometimes to a second trained editor. This process has been proven to effectively check for errors and anomalies.

Step 4

Step four takes us to technology. Here at Perfect Proofreaders we use “Natural Reader” software and listen to your work closely, word by word. Even a different voice can help “hear” the flow of the document in a different way. Editors use this technique to assist them in word choice suggestion and to enhance the clarity of your work.

Step 5

Step five is the application of the Perfect Proofreaders famous “cheat sheet.” We have a long list of common pitfalls and errors that writers often make. This is where all of your abbreviations, hyphenation, capitalisation, homonyms and citations are double-checked.

Step 6 and 7

Stages six and seven apply the latest technology to your document. We use Grammarly Premium, Ginger and PerfectIt.

Step 8

The last step is “LOOK IT UP!” We check anything we have to. Dictionary and style guide. All reference styles.


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